Questions and answers

When do I need a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is needed whenever you suffer a loss to your property which includes but is not limited to Fire, Water, Smoke, Windstorm, Tornado, Explosion. Hail, Loss of Income, Business Interruption, Burglary, Theft and Vandalism.

What qualifications should be checked before I hire a Public Adjuster?

A Qualified public adjuster must be licensed in the State that he or she practices in and follows all of the guidelines as set forth by the Respective Department of Insurance. The public adjuster should be bonded and have expert knowledge of Insurance policies, co insurance , depreciation, personal property and building evaluation tools as well as be well versed on Replacement Cost guidelines and the skill of negotiation.

Will retaining a Public Adjuster cause any delay in settling my claim?

The exact opposite is true. By retaining a professional to handle you claim the process will actually go faster.. Our team is specially trained in all aspects of claim presentation and calculation. We closely work with you from beginning to end to make sure that when the claim is ready to be filed we can prove the extent of your loss as required under the insurance policy contract. The more detailed and documented your claim is upon presentation, the faster and more favorable settlement will be received.

How much will a public adjuster cost?

The public adjuster fee is based on a small percentage of the final claim settlement. Because the public adjusters job is to maximize your claim settlement the adjustment fee is offset by the better settlement received.

What are my options if a settlement can’t be reached with the insurance company?

Every insurance policy has what’s called an appraisal clause in the policy. In the unlikely event that an agreement on damages cannot be reached then both sides at their own expense would designate an appraiser to review all of the documentation submitted and then the two appraisers would agree on an umpire until a settlement is reached.

Why should I hire A..Schoeneman & Co., Inc.

Every claim is unique in its own way. Whether it be at home, apartment building, or business, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to prepare the most detailed and comprehensive loss statement on your behalf. We use state of the art computerized cost estimating equipment second to none in the industry, which is upgraded to reflect changes in construction prices every quarter. We pride ourselves in our thoroughness, making sure we get everything done to the last detail to assure the highest claim settlement. In addition, construction services are available with unparelled guarantees.

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