Adjusting Services

A. Schoeneman & Co., Inc  is licensed by the department of insurance to advocate on behalf of the home or business owner. Property insurance, business interruption, and contents claims are very complicated. A. Schoeneman& Co., Inc.  works exclusively for the policy holder and never for the  insurance company. The insurance company will hire a professional adjuster to represent the insurance companies best interests.   When you hire  A. Schoeneman & Co.,Inc, to represent you it  levels the playing field  in order to maximize the claim and guide you through  the process. By having a claims professional it allows you to focus on the important things like your family and/ or getting your business back up and running.

A. Schoeneman & Co., Inc. Provides the following services for Commercial, Residential and Industrial insurance claims:

  • Loss Consulting Services
  • Building Estimates
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Rental Loss Projections
  • Business Income Analysis
  • Content Inventory Valuations
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Extra Expense Analysis

 We maintain a highly skilled team of professionally who can comprehensively handle the following types of claims:

  • Fire & Fire Exposures
  • Pipe Break
  • Water
  • Burglary & Vandalism
  • Vehicular Building Damage
  • Building Collapse
  • Explosion
  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Storm
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Builders Risk
  • Business Interruption
  • FEMA Claim Consultants
  • Expert Witness
  • Umpiring



One of the duties of the insured after a loss is to “Protect the property from further damage” immediately after the loss occurs. No matter what time of the day or night it is, A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. will dispatch a licensed approved and insured board up service to protect your property from further damage and to secure it until permanent repairs can be made.


After a fire, water , or any kind of disaster there is debris left behind caused by the damage. This debris must be removed and cleaned up as soon as possible to insure a clean and safe working environment and getting your property and or business back on track as soon as possible. A. Schoeneman & Co., Inc. , understands that the stress and anxiety of a property loss is tremendous,  so we go through all of your possessions that have been destroyed, separating the damaged from the undamaged personal property as required by the insurance company to make sure that the maximum amounts are claimed. It doesn’t matter what something cost , it must be included in the detailed personal property inventory claimed on your behalf. The proper debris removal is vital. When cleaning out the debris we use the most up to date technology and in the case of water, we make sure that after the debris removal takes place that all affected areas have been treated and disinfected to make sure no mold growth forms. Our team is certified in mold remediation and prevention procedures.

Plumbing Winterization

In the winter months this procedure is critical to make sure that after a property loss there are no broken pipes. Pipes may burst and flood your home or business if the temperature reaches below a certain level. A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. will take the necessary steps to make sure that this does not happen and dispatch one of its approved licensed and insured plumbers to do whatever is necessary to avoid broken pipes and to make sure no additional damages occur.


Temporary Heating

It is imperative especially when the weather is cold and immediately after a loss, to keep the home or business at a certain temperature to avoid additional damages. A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. will dispatch one of its approved, licensed and insured heating contractors to restore heat in the property and avoid any further damage.

Temporary Electric

Temporary Electric

Once you have a loss to your home or business , it is most likely that the municipality would have either cut the electrical lines or turned off the power in the building. A.Schoeneman & Co.,Inc. will dispatch one of its approved licensed and insured electricians to your property to install temporary electric or to restore power immediately. This is done so that whatever mitigation services are necessary can be performed as well as any emergency repairs.

Water Removal

Water can ruin your home or business within minutes. The damage can occur from a broken pipe somewhere in the building or something as simple as a valve connected to the toilet that just breaks off in seconds. A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. has the resources and the capacity to deliver and install the latest drying equipment to dry and reduce the damage the water has caused and dispose of it properly.  It  is imperative that this  gets done as quickly as possible to avoid possible structural damage and mold growth.  A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. is equipped to take immediate action to avoid any additional damage.

Temporary Housing and relocation services

After a loss occurs it is often necessary that alternative housing or a relocation of your business is necessary until repairs are made. A.Schoeneman & Co.,Inc.  has a full network of realtors and relocation specialists at its disposal to make suitable arrangements for relocation of your family or business.

A.Schoeneman & Co.,Inc. has adjusted claims and is currently licensed in the following States with reciprocity in most others:
Illinois •Indiana •Wisconsin •New Jersey •Louisiana •Texas •Michigan •Ohio •Florida •St Thomas Virgin Islands • New York