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Debris Removal and Pollution Damage

A fire rips through a auto mechanic and muffler shop causing barrels of oil and antifreeze to explode and spill all over the place and into the parking lot mixing with the water that the fire department used to put out the fire. The insured figured he could rest easy because he had a coverage in his policy called debris removal. What the insured did not know is that there is a difference between debris removal coverage and pollution coverage. In the above case the fire not only caused the debris removal endorsement to kick in but the pollution that was caused by the anti freeze and oil mixed with the water is not covered and is considered pollution and the debis removal endorsement would not cover the pollution clean up. It is very technical coverage. While debris removal coverage will pay for pollution clean up of covered buildings and personal property it does not apply to the cost to extract pollutants form land or water or remove restore or replace pollutants to land or water. Pollutant cleanup and removal is a separate additional coverage that needs to be purchased.