A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. handles all kinds of property claims
A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. handles all property claims big or small
A.Schoeneman & Co., Inc. will get you through the claims process as smooth as possible
When Do I Need A Public Adjuster?
Call a public adjuster whenever you suffer a loss to your property. Reasons include,
but are not limited to, property damage caused by Fire, Water, Smoke, Wind,
Tornado, Explosion, Hail, Burglary, Theft, and/or Vandalism. A public adjuster
is also helpful when you have suffered a Loss of Income or a Business

Why should you hire A. Schoeneman & Co., Inc.?
Every insurance claim is unique in its own way – each has a unique location, unique circumstances, and most importantly, unique clients. No matter what the situation, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to prepare the most detailed and comprehensive loss statement on your behalf. We use state-of-the-art computerized cost estimating equipment that is upgraded to reflect changes in construction prices every quarter. We pride ourselves in our thoroughness; we pour over every detail of your claim to assure you the highest possible claim settlement. In addition, we offer you complete reconstruction services with unparalleled results.